About Us

Natasha Bacchus is the Owner/CEO of Truly Flawless Skin Care Products. 
Anti-aging, Truly Flawless now applies its innovative approach to a revolutionary new line of products formulated for all skin types. Truly Flawless Skin Care began in 1997 With a desire to bring Natural products to people who believe in self-love and self-care. Our Mission is to develop strong, meaningful relationships with our consumers and vendors while offering high-quality products and services. Truly Flawless Skin Care operates with full Transparency with its consumers in mind and a focus on the stability of our natural resources.

Over the past 20 years, the founder Ms. Bacchus of Truly Flawless Skin Care, took steps to create products based on the needs and wants of her clients while working at a Salon & Day Spa. She is offering her clients a natural solution to their skin care needs. She was also a part of the staff crew backstage for Orange Is the New Black, Law and Order, and Aziz Ansari Project. These experiences lead Ms. Bacchus to see her natural skin care solution should be available to everyone...
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